Best Practices for Facebook Ad Sets

May 4, 2018

This release is known as ad sets. This new addition gives advertisers the ability to setup budgets and schedules, for each ad set, and organize them by target audience.

Yes, this does mean it’s time to update those campaigns but it’s for the best. Let’s take a moment to look into the new features and the best practices to gain the maximum return on investment.

1. Set a goal

Motivation is nothing without having a clear goal. After all, how would you best use your energy and resources if you don’t understand where you’re going?

The new feature will work hand-in-hand with your end goals for your campaigns.

The types of questions you may want to ask include:

  • Do I want more clicks?
  • Do I want more page likes?
  • Do I want application installs?

With those goals in mind, applied to each campaign, set to a specific audience, you will see results.

2. Get organized

Facebook wants to help get you up and running faster than every which is why they’re implementing this new feature as a way to organize your campaigns.


Instead of creating new campaigns for every target audience you will be able to break the campaigns into ad sets and apply a name to each. The ability to label your new ad sets and include descriptive names (for targeting) will keep your ads running smoothly and grant the ease of testing. Which brings us to …

3. Start. Testing. EVERYTHING.

Split testing (A/B testing) will always be a defining factor in your success. Every publisher and advertiser should set an ample amount of time dedicated to testing.

With the new ad sets, Facebook has given advertisers the ability to group ads based on various targeted elements which when used right can allow you to peer into how well the audience responds.

The bonus of this tireless testing and new ad feature? Facebook is making it easy to compare the results which means those campaigns should hit a great point of optimization in no time at all.

When You’re In Doubt …

Seek the experts such as those of us at adQuadrant. We have years of experience working the Facebook platform for many different types of publishers and advertisers. Our close ties to the Facebook team has allowed us to stay on the cutting edge of their technology including the ability to rapidly learn and introduce these new ad sets for our clients.

When you’re ready to rework your campaigns and tap into this incredible new opportunity simply get in touch and we can show you the amazing ROI your business is waiting to be had.

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