The BEST Social Media Marketing News Of 2017

January 17, 2020

Here are 2017’s top 10 “don’t miss” social media marketing articles selected by the adQuadrant team.

We’ve covered many topics this year, we’ve witnessed a lot of change, and we’ve loved each article that we have claimed to be “don’t miss”. But, out of every piece of content we have read, and everything we’ve learned about social media marketing in 2017, the following 10 take the cake as our favorites.

1. Drive More Facebook Clicks With These Headlines – via AdEspresso: Headlines on ads that include testimonials, numbered value props, shortcut lists, classic how-tos, negativity, questions, and cliffhangers are proven to be effective. Set your ads apart from the rest of the competition by utilizing these headline strategies.
2. Utilize Instagram Stories In Your Marketing Mix – via Shopify: Stories have transformed the Instagram platform to more than just a place to upload photos. Instagram Stories allow you to explore your creativity and design content. Learn how to implement Stories into your Instagram strategy.
3. Facebook Groups For Pages Are Communities Of Super-Fans – via Econsultancy: Facebook launches new Groups for Pages which allows brands to build communities of “super-fans.” This offers a larger opportunity for brands to connect and create engagement on Facebook. Learn more about Groups for Pages and determine if and how you should take advantage of it.
4. Facebook Cracking Down On Fake Ads – via Engadget: Facebook is fighting against spam and fake ads by implementing detection strategies that will find and remove cloaking ads. The review processes include a combination of AI and human review. Advertisers or Facebook pages that are guilty of cloaking will consequently result in an immediate ban from the social platform.
5. Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Snapchat Ads – via Social Media Examiner: Ready to create Snap ads for your business? Explore Snapchat’s Ad Manager and take a look at the advanced demographic targeting options that Snap offers. This step-by-step guide will help you create Snapchat ads from start to finish.
6. Bouncing Back From Disapproved Ads Or Disabled Accounts – via Entrepreneur: Before diving into Facebook advertising, it’s important to review and avoid violating the platform’s policies. But if that does happen, just follow the steps in this guide to reinstate your ad account or resolve disapproved ads.
7. Successful Facebook Ad Account Structure Begins Here – via Wordstream: Taking a measured approach to how your Facebook ad account is structured is essential, such as having a foundation for success in targeting and promoting your business across the platform. This guide outlines how to build an organized Facebook ad account structure that allows you to have maximum control over both budget and performance.
8. 20 Creative Ways To Share Social Media Content – via Buffer: It is incredibly easy to get stuck in a creative rut when strategizing and gathering new and unique ideas for social media marketing. Deciding what content to share and how to implement new social platform features are just two of the many decisions that must be made before sharing. Review these 20 social media content ideas to get over your creative block and post successful content.
9. Branding Basics – via Entrepreneur: How does branding affect your business? An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets, promising your customers specific qualities from both your products and services. Use this guide to define and enhance your message, and improve your brand and its’ success.
10. Suitable Content For Each Social Media Platform – via Buffer: How do you decide what content to post on each social media platform? Each social account you are using has its own audience, and with each audience comes specific, varying expectations. What you post will affect how well your content performs, so check out this guide aimed to help determine what to share and where to share it.

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