How to Beat the FB Algo

December 7, 2018

The algo changes are there for good reason (mainly to prevent spam and to present quality content to the followers). However, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re still not reaching the total amount of your followers (even though they selected they want to hear your message).

We’re no longer in this era of “comment, like, and share if you like this post” nor are we going to be in a perpetual cycle of posting Internet memes and viral videos to make up for the lack of engagement.

Here are but some of the many ways you can beat the FB algo on your page:

1. Load up the Ads


Facebook does great in terms of advertising opportunities for marketers especially with sponsored posts. The posts you sponsored show up in newsfeeds which make them very native and easy to consume for users that are digging around and browsing. A few bucks on a post can amp up your engagement which can lead into the next, normal post you have on your page.

2. Up the Quality Content

This one goes without saying.

Content should have some sort of value whether that means it’s inspirational, educational, or just down-right entertaining. It needs to be more than some random picture you found in five minutes. The content should have a purpose. Try all types of content from video to ebooks and see what works.

3. Bring in the Contacts

In the ‘Build Audience’ tab you can choose to ‘Import Contacts’ from your email list. If you have an email list that has decent engagement then you’re likely to get those people to engage with your FB posts. The greater amount of engagement equals the greater chances your posts will be seen by more people.

4. Bridge the Social Channels


Don’t cut off Facebook as if it’s your only social option. Pair FB with all the different types of social platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. Include links back to your FB profile and vice versa on these platforms. Every other social platform can be a funnel to your FB page.

5. Increase the Frequency

Put a little extra effort into the amount of times you post each day. You don’t have to go crazy and schedule out something every 30 minutes but give your followers something every now and again (4 – 6 hour range) so that you’re always present in the morning, noon, afternoon, and night. Remember that it’s still about quality though.

6. Keep Tabs on the Analytics

Use the built-in analytics of your FB page to understand the type of content people enjoy and then repeat that over and over again. Try a bit of A/B testing at some point by changing out the creative or content copy. See which posts are getting the most likes, comments, and shares then put your noggin’ to use and think up new, creative ways to replicate that experience for users.

7. Include User Content


Don’t just make the FB page about you and your business. Let others join in on the fun by soliciting user content or create it by condensing their feedback, thoughts, and opinions from other platforms. For example – you could use testimonials on an eye-catching creative as an easy form of content for the page that others would enjoy. Alternatively, you could collect tips & tricks from followers about one of your products/services and divvy them out throughout the week. The possibilities are endless when you use user content (saves times, people like seeing themselves in the spotlight, and it gives them incentive to engage so they can be included next time).

8. Shares something Exclusive

Here’s a neat idea: treat your FB page like an exclusive club.

People love receiving exclusive content because it makes them feel like a tighter part of the community. Exclusive content (which could be anything from coupons to downloadables) gives followers a sense of an inclusion into something special. Doing this from time to time will keep people checking in on your page which increases exposure and the chances they dig back through the posts and engage.

9. Go with a Video

FB video

Video is massive on FB because of the autoplay feature. Short videos are the best direction to go and you’ll want to catch them within the first few seconds since they may be scrolling through the feed. If you can create videos (or share good ones) then you’re going to get them engaged (plain and simple).

10. Engage, Engage, Engage

The amount of times engage and engagement has been said in this article is silly but appropriate. The way you get people to interact and engage with your FB content is that you need to participate. Whenever they comment you should reply. The point is to keep the conversation going so that others may jump in with their say.

…And So Much More

We’d also mention things like working with your authority associates to help push people to your page, siphoning blog readers to comment on the FB discussion, or making an effort to change/theme your page, accordingly, to the seasons and holidays.

It’s time to forget about Facebook pages as a “set it and forget it” medium. You should be active each and every day, sharing unique, fun, and valuable content, and engaging with your followers. You need to treat the platform with just as much value as your website. The more posting you do, the better your ads are served too.

Try out some of these methods included in the post and see if you can beat the FB algo. Your fans are waiting… give them something good.

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