Augmented And Virtual Realities Are Transforming Video

January 31, 2020

Here are last week’s top “don’t miss” social media marketing articles selected by the adQuadrant team.

How Are AR And VR Transforming Social? – via Facebook Business: Augmented reality adds contextual data to the image you are viewing, and thanks to artificial intelligence, social experiences have evolved into personalized systems. Virtual reality is adding richness to storytelling, taking people into a fully immersive, interactive 360 degree virtual environment. The shift to more AR and VR will create an opportunity for businesses to build improved communities with a new dimension of storytelling. Use this guide to begin envisioning how your brand will adapt to these inevitable social changes.

Facebook Updates You Can’t Afford To Miss – via AdEspresso: The first Facebook update of 2018 came with many changes that you may be concerned will affect your business. Facebook is now using signals, such as how many people react to, comment on, or share posts to determine how high they appear in news feeds – aimed to put friends and family at the core of the experience. Fortunately, as long as you are creating relavent and effective campaigns with interesting content, this update is not a disadvantage. Check out this full list of Facebook updates to keep both your campaigns and posts high on news feeds!

Customer tech Habits Are Impacting Email Success – via Econsultancy: There are multiple factors that will impact the success of your email campaigns, including, but not limited to, your subject lines, level of personalization, and the type of promotion included. Research suggests that the average user checks their phone continually throughout the day, but that there are certain times when usage peaks and users should be contacted. The impact of mobile, time of day, and contextual data and insight should all be considered by marketers looking to improve their email campaign success. Refer to this article for key takeaways and email tips!

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