How To Optimize Your Apps for the App Store

April 27, 2018

Some are very simple while others aim to take on the industry. What all does this mean? It’s going to be tough to get found in the app store IF you’re not working on your app store optimization (ASO for short). Before you begin it’s good to understand that nearly 63% of app discovery is done from within the store via browsing. When you take that into consideration that means just 37% are coming from alternative sources like:

  • Online advertising
  • General browsing the Web
  • Reading blogs
  • Seen on social networking sites
  • Hearing on the radio

All this means, simply put, is that your commitment to optimizing your app listing, for the store, be at the top of your list. To get a general idea of what’s needed in ASO – here are some elements to consider:

  • Title – Keywords should be present within your title which would send the greatest amount of search traffic. Try to stick to a title from the get-go once your app begins to grow in popularity otherwise those browsing may find it difficult to find during their browsing.
  • Keywords – Use a combination of competitor research and internal research (through reports and analytical data) to find the right keywords for your listing. Use these as you would have done in other advertising/SEO campaigns but instead applied to the store.

There are also secondary factors in play:

  • The total number of downloads (which can help you gain traction via buzz)
  • Ratings & reviews (which will help you rise to the top versus all others)

To get a further understanding of the importance of ASO and the relation keywords and other factors have in helping your app get found in the store – view the following:

App Ratings Correlation
Downloads Correlation

Keep in mind that all of these factors take time and will require your effort to test and improve. With the right selection of keywords (and the right momentum) you will see a positive return for your commitment to app store optimization.

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