Advanced PPC Tactics: Four You Should be Using

May 11, 2018

It exists to ensure that users are only served relevant ads but it also plays a huge role in your ad’s position within search. It also plays a role in determining the costs for your campaigns and keyword clicks.

There are many factors in place which aid in building a high AdWords Quality Score. The successful PPC professionals will match the entire conversion funnel (from keyword, to ad copy, to landing page) for the sake of continuity (and to distill trust from their leads).

There are four advanced PPC tactics in this post that you should be using if you plan to see success from Google AdWords:

  • The High Value Keywords Matter. Dedicate an entire group to a high-level keyword. By doing this you can align the ad copy to the keyword which will help improve your ad’s performance. It also allows you to monitor its performance at the ad group level.
  • Create Standardization in Account Names. Be as detailed as possible when you are creating your ad groups. By doing this you will remove confusion when there comes a time you need to run reports or look back through past campaigns. Choose an example like “April 2014 – Keyword #1” campaign vs something akin to “Ad Campaign 3”.
  • Align Your Retargeting. Have a plan in place for when users do not convert on their first visits. Create campaigns that allow for retargeting based on their behavior and experience with your brand. Take into account seasonal changes, trends, events, holidays, and the like, to time your products for when they will be in demand (versus bombarding them when it’s not in need).
  • Utilize Separate Retargeting Cookies. Avoid overlap when using cookies on your website otherwise your data will be skewed and hard to use. Instead, place specific cookies on specific pages of your site to track a users’ entire process from start to finish thus giving you a clear indication of your campaigns’ effectiveness.

Are these concepts going over your head? Need not a worry. Get in touch with us at adQuadrant. We have years upon years of experience managing Google AdWords campaigns (take a look at one of our case studies) and can help you identify your targeted leads, develop high ROI ads, and aid you in the management of these campaigns to help you capitalize on this amazing advertising platform.

Source: [SEJ]

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