9 Tips from Some of YouTube’s Fastest Growing Creators

April 15, 2022
by Julie Ann Howlett

Jake Fellman started using YouTube shorts in late 2020 combining it with his love for 3D animation and popular cultural trends of that time including Minecraft and Among Us (later, Squid Game). This winning formula began to quickly garner speed in attracting new subscribers – so much so that at one point he was amassing 25,000 subs per day. While success stories like this can feel elusive and sometimes unattainable for your e-commerce brand, the flip side is that there’s so much to learn from fast growing content creators to implement effective YouTube marketing services.

  1. Nothing Comes from Nowhere

Hyper-growth isn’t a formula that gets created out of nowhere. Strategy, research, and planning as you would do in any digital marketing strategy also goes into starting a YouTube channel too. For example, Jake Fellman referenced in that article “I’d like to emphasize the fact that all good things take time. It’s easy to look at the explosive growth of my channel this past year and feel frustrated when the same results are not immediately served to your own account. The reality is, however, that this growth is the culmination of many hours of hard work and planning.” This isn’t a tip for an e-commerce brand starting a YouTube channel we necessarily like to hear, but it is an honest and realistic one.

YouTube Tip: There is no “get rich quick scheme”. Quality content and a quality channel takes time and practice.

  1. Clickbait-y Titles Can Only Get You So Far

Hugely successful YouTuber Jenna Marbles also followed this technique when she was still on YouTube up until last year. She has video titles like “Making a Dog Birthday Cake” and “Bunny Eating Things Politely”. Her partner Julien Solomita still follows this technique on his successful channel too. Now, one might argue that you can afford the luxury of blunt titles once you have amassed your subscribership in large numbers. There is some truth to that, but ultimately click-baity titles have an expiration date. Remember how jilted you felt when you opened that piece of mail stamped as IMPORTANT in red ink – only to learn it was another credit card offer? Or that you mailer about winning a cruise? Overusing click-baity titles are the equivalent of that in the YouTube world and people will be quick to call you out and unsubscribe.

YouTube Tip: Treat your YouTube users as you would a customer you care about. Be humble and honest. 

  1. Record Ahead as Much as Possible

Life happens and sometimes things do not go according to plan. Working ahead on your brand’s digital marketing strategy is always a good idea. See where you can pre-record videos in your schedule. Save them as unlisted or private, then flip them to public once ready.

YouTube Tip: Let your YouTube marketing strategy work around your e-commerce brand.

  1. Stick to a Schedule

When people know that your content is coming out consistently, they will look forward to it. For example, The Friendship Onion drops the video version of their podcast on their channel every Tuesday. People look forward to it and often share about their love of Tuesdays in the comments. When you are consistent like this people come to not only enjoy your content but count on it for their feel-good feels.

YouTube Tip: Consistency builds community. People look forward to your brand’s content as they see you regularly.

  1. Inspire Good with What You Do 

YouTubers that rise to success are passionate about what they do, but another aspect of it is rallying people to positive action quality. Madeyewlook on YouTube “You are an influencer and you will influence the people that watch you. Be that good inspiration.” Bring good feelings and emotions you will inspire people with in tandem with real, actionable causes. From cyberbullying to the Trevor Project, YouTubers that rise to large subscriber ranks show they care.

YouTube Tip: Your brand’s followers can be a force for good. Keep that top of mind to inspire and grow a following.

  1. It’s a Long Haul Metrics Story

Cycling back to what had to share about his growing channel, he offers, “Just because your video does[n’t] receive explosive viewership within the first 24 hours does not mean that it is a ‘flop’. Be patient and remain consistent — eventually the results will follow.” Ultimately, we might feel crushed if a video appears to underperform after release. Brands are passionate about having their e-commerce products be more seen and heard. This may come with some short term losses, but we need to emphasize the importance of the long haul journey too.

YouTube Tip: Don’t sell yourself short for perceived short term losses. Look for long term gains.

  1. Tap On-Brand Language Power

In this Richard Taylor interview on The Friendship Onion, LOTR powers combined when Dom & Billy (the usual hosts) interviewed Richard Taylor, Weta Workshop Director and powerhouse props, sets, and supplies maker for the phenomenal trilogy. A potent digital marketing tip, they tapped on-brand power to not only engage their community but also deliver them something that was a throwback to their past. If your e-commerce business has the capacity to do this in our unique way – bring on a famous guest you happen to know, do a throwback episode to something from your past…do it. Your audience will see different sides of you – nostalgic or otherwise. Not to mention, you can repurpose positive on-brand comments in other spaces like your e-commerce brand’s social media channels and on-air mentions.

YouTube Tip: Bring in different sides of yourself and your brand to engage a diverse audience.

  1. Use Comments for Strategic Partnerships

YouTube is not just a video entertainment space; it’s also a community engagement space where you can engage with other users as passionate about your product as you. When we treat the comments section as a chance to interact with our fans – love heart comments, correct misassumptions – we build a community. Not only that, the comment section can magnetize other types of strategic business partnerships. See how the Nerd of the Rings did so here commenting on The Friendship Onion’s video (both LOTR channels).

YouTube Tip: YouTube is more than just content. It’s a community too. Be active with the comments.

  1. Execute Now, Worry About the Fancy Tools Later

Many new brands to YouTube fret that they don’t have the right camera equipment to launch their channel. A lighting, sound, and production studio is always great.You’re passionate about what you do and want to present yourself as your best! However, YouTube marketing is a chance to engage with your audience in its own unique way. YouTube is also one of the biggest search engines (3 million searches per month in 2017 according to this Forbes article), and it actually improves your SEO to use it. Google and YouTube are married, so when you work in one you benefit the other.

YouTube Tip: Higher tier production quality videos will come. Start where you are and work up from there!

 Elevate Your E-Commerce Brand’s YouTube Strategy

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About the Author: Julie Ann Howlett is a freelance writer who enjoys marketing, entrepreneurship, and writing. She has degrees in science and teaching and has done advanced coursework in data analytics. She runs her own small businesses and is especially passionate about gender equity in STEM, technology, and business. You can connect with her on LinkedIn via customized note.

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