8 Things To Know About the New Facebook Ad Objectives

December 15, 2017

Allowing advertisers to choose from eight ad objectives and providing sophisticated ad tracking software, Facebook plans to make the ad buying process easier than ever.

8 Objectives

Facebook asked numerous business clients what it could do to improve the business user experience, and many responded that choosing an ad unit was unnecessarily complicated. They had an objective in mind, and they wanted to reach that objective through Facebook. Through discussions with marketers across a range of industries, Facebook created eight different objectives for ad buyers to choose from. They include:

  • Website Conversions
  • Page Likes
  • App Installs
  • Clicks to Website
  • Page Post Engagement
  • Event Responses
  • In-store Offer Claims
  • App Engagement

These eight choices will now be the first thing an ad buyer chooses when beginning the ad process on Facebook. Further options are available for ad placement, although Facebook will automatically place ads to improve performance per objective without further input from the buyer unless otherwise specified.

In-Depth Tracking

Included in this objective-based ad buying is an ongoing ad tracking system. Facebook keeps the objective in mind with each ad, and demonstrates how effective each ad is to buyers, including the cost of each successful click. This keeps buyers aware of exactly how the ad is performing in reference to the specified objective, and makes it easy to adjust according to marketing goals.

Called the Ads Manager tool, functioning much like ad manager plus, rounds out the Facebook ad buying experience for all types of buyers, from the Mom and Pop business to the largest marketing companies. With eight objectives and the tracking tool, Facebook is making social network marketing more intuitive and more accessible for everyone.

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