The 7 Deadly Sins of Facebook Marketing

September 14, 2018

Facebook is wonderful in the sense that it allows you to reach hundreds of millions of individuals but the platform can be difficult to work with if you’re impatient or fail to act upon best practices.

The sins you are able to commit can be quite deadly for your brand. Have a look and allow them to guide you away from the doom.



It happens when the brand and business loses its humbleness. You see this when the brand begins to disregard the little guys in favor of their new, popular association – it has become too prideful and it allowed the ego to over-inflate. The company veers off their moral compass and begins to lose its core values. The change alienates the core following and when it happens they hop ship to a company that cares.



Infrequent updates and failing to respond to follower questions is a big no-no. Your commitment to using the platform is what matters. It’s better to post consistently than to do a mad rush and then have nothing to say for days on end. You will begin losing the attention of your fans and what that happens your marketing efforts become less effective (and difficult to restart).



Envy happens you become jealous of the competition. In this jealousy your judgment is clouded and you begin to make marketing mistakes such as copying their content or publicly bad-mouthing their brand which makes yours come across as childish. Keep an eye on the competition but hands on your work.



Too much social can put a strain on your ability to finish tasks. Facebook is naturally addictive and has a great return on investment but you have to remember that it’s a tool for marketing and not a place to hang out on all day. Another act of gluttony is too much content consumption. You may be saturating your followers by posting too frequently. Aim for quality over quantity with your usage of the network.



You may realize you love the platform a little too much. Facebook is great but don’t neglect all the other wonderful platforms out there. Not every one of your potential followers are going to be just on FB. Keep working with other platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn to make a well-rounded marketing initiative.



A violent outburst can be deadly for your brand. More than a few big brands have come under attack after having a meltdown and so when you know the big brands can lose it – so can you. Whenever you’re feeling “hot” just take the time to walk away and cool down; when you’re calm you will be able to respond and use the network with a level-head.



Facebook can deliver an incredible return on investment which is a good thing but do know the limits of your business and its resources. Imagine you scaled the campaign and you suddenly doubled the number of orders for your business. The question, though, is whether you can handle it. You may not have scaled in your physical business and this strain means orders not going out the door and a whole lot of upset customers.

Don’t allow these sins become the downfall of your brand. If you feel you are committing these sins then do get in touch with us at adQuadrant and we will lead you on the righteous path of Facebook marketing.

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