5 Mobile UA Tips for 2015

January 18, 2019

Mobile has evolved. We are at a point that people truly understand how to use their devices, navigate the marketplace, and find apps. However, lagging behind are the tools. Mobile still presents challenges, even going into 2015, because the tools aren’t as robust as what you’d find on the desktop.

With that in mind there are ways to push through this lag so you may come out on top in 2015:

1. Go for the variety

There are many different social networks from Facebook to Instagram. Each will provide your business with leads. In 2015 it’s in your best interest to explore these various platforms and try campaigns on each of them rather than focusing on just one.

2. Get on top of the indicators

The KPI’s (key performance indicators) are what you need in order to manage this mass amount of data you’ve collected from your campaigns. Each division of your business may focus on different KPI’s whether it’s the click-through rate or the conversion. It’s your job, in 2015, to make sure that you understand each of them and make a plan of action that includes them in the campaigns.

3. It’s a given… optimization

Ever notice that optimization is a recurring theme? It’s because it leads to a better experience for users and better conversions for your business. In 2015 you should ensure that you’re doing everything you can to weed out the low performers and capitalize on those that show promising ROI. Go wild with your creative & copy so that you can test multiple aspects to give you a larger data set.

4. Let the computer do the talking

Let’s be honest… we’re not that great with crunching numbers and keeping on top of the ever-changing ad platforms. Because of this we have programmatic buying for the campaigns; it allows us to focus on the creative & copy while letting the computer handle the minutia of bidding. In 2015 you should stop resisting the computer number crunching & analysis and let it be what it’s meant to do… a tool. Doing so will ensure that you’re gaining the maximum efficiency and scale.

5. Keep an eye on that detail

Mobile devices are very advanced and the market demands high resolution. The ads, because of this, need to adhere to these standards. Keep a keen eye on the detail of your ads; make them high definition to capitalize on larger formats.

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