3 Reasons Why You Should Partner with a Facebook Preferred Partner

May 1, 2020

This partnership allows adQuadrant to unlock exclusive access to advanced tools, resources, training, speedy support, and more, to drive increased value for our clients. But why does this matter to you?  Here’s how adQuadrant clients benefit from this partnership.

1. Policy Insight

Facebook policies are always changing. It’s part of the game. Right when you think you have it all figured out, you’re forced to learn something new. This change can be disruptive, affecting your campaigns greatly if you’re not prepared. At adQ, we’re the first to know when a policy update is coming down the pipeline so we can plan and successfully strategize to keep our clients’ scaling. Keeping up with this kind of knowledge is incremental if you want to be ahead of the curve in the e-commerce world. A preferred partner like ourselves doesn’t run into these problems because our strong, collaborative relationship provides valuable insight.

2. The Latest and Greatest Products, Updates, and News

If you wanted to know and understand every product update imaginable, you’d have to be disciplined in your research and impressive in your understanding of the products themselves. With Facebook, that kind of standby research can take a lot of time out of your day. Luckily for us, our relationship allows us to have access to alphas and betas which aren’t necessarily available to the public. Not only does it give us this opportunity, but it allows for proactive product updates and advanced learning and experience with these new products. In other words, we are the first to know. Along with that, we receive expert training and resources to successfully leverage these new features. This kind of intel puts our clients in the best possible position to scale at exponential rates while driving new optimizations and efficiencies.

3. Top of the Line Communication

Having a relationship like this with Facebook is powerful. The beauty here lies in the dependability of having access to the most sophisticated resource team to get speedy resolutions for our clients’ needs. Access to direct lines of contact with Facebook’s creative and solutions teams, customized client reports, and white-glove service are only some of the reasons why this partnership is so valuable to us and our clients. Being a Preferred Facebook Partner means that our ability to drive real results for clients has been recognized as best-in-class by the leading social media platform in the world.

Before you choose your marketing agency, it’s important that you recognize the relationships they have with their partners. As a Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner, we are recognized as 1 of only a couple of hundred agencies in the U.S. who gets to access these benefits. We have access to features that aren’t available to the public which puts our clients at an advantage. This kind of relationship goes far beyond policy insights and communication. It’s the mere fact that when you’re working with us, you won’t have to worry about your Facebook and Instagram marketing. That’s our job.

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