Precision Based Remarketing Lists: The Basics

August 10, 2018

Remarketing is sharing your advertising (or marketing) materials to an individual after they have discovered your initial offering – in the basic understanding – which can be done through a variety of means, methods, and channels.

An example would be as if you visit a website selling a product but decided it wasn’t the right time to make the purchase in which you then visited a news site that happened to show an offer for the product (sometimes the same as before or with a discount). You had been remarketed because it placed (generally) a cookie in your browser to track your Web usage.

To a business owner (or marketer) is very lucrative because it lowers the cost per acquisition because most techniques/services charge a lower rate compare to PPC (and other advertising channels) costs.

You may have (as an example) paid $10 for the initial CPA but $1 – 3 if they convert on the “secondary” offer which is part of the remarketing.

To get an idea of this in action you can do so through Google AdWords:

1. Log into Google AdWords, click +Campaign, and the Display Network Only button

2. Name the campaign, select ‘Remarketing’ as the type, and click the ‘Setup dynamic remarketing’ button

3. Enter the email of the individual installing the code…

4. Setup the bidding and budget options

Once you have these basics set up, along with data from your customer and community base, you may include these in ad groups to create specific retargeting list and scenarios.

A thorough tutorial on the subject can be found:

Importing the data through Google Analytics (as per example) you may use multiple data points to understand and target your audience such as demographics, technology, traffic sources, and more.

Applied to this new ad (retargeted) group you may begin running (and testing) these ads based on the selected parameters which will (no doubt) deliver a tailored advertising/marketing experience that will improve engagement and conversion.

Working your way around these options can be done using tutorials and documentation provided by the Google AdWords team. Those that feel specific retargeting may be out of their league are more than welcome to contact us at adQuadrant which have years of experience (and proven work) with AdWords to aid you in building a profitable retargeting campaign. Give us a call at 1-714-596-9000 and see what retargeting can do for your business.

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