How to Use Custom Audiences for Facebook

October 12, 2018

We have previously covered the differences in these two so be sure to brush up before reading on.

Custom audiences are the ones you generate manually through some kind of interaction on your page or via installation of cookies on your website. Once you’ve begun to build this custom audience you will have many great opportunities to promote your brand and push your offers.

The following are a few of those ways on how to best use custom audiences on Facebook.

For the Purpose of Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to set events to those that have taken a specific action on your website.

1 - Repurpose 1

This is done via:

  1. Log into the account
  2. Open the FB editor
  3. Select the right account
  4. Open the “ad tools”
  5. Select “audiences”
  6. Click “Create Audience”
  7. Click “Custom Audience”
2 - Repurpose 2

Now you will be able to populate and use this in your newsfeed and sidebar.

The other option is by doing a lookalike audience for your website remarketing in which you are pulling data from your site and creating a list of those people you can target through the Facebook platform.

This is done by:

  • Logging in, opening FB editor, selecting account
  • Going to “ad tools”, “create audience”, then “lookalike audience”

From there you can define your source, country and how you want to optimize.

Page Likes, Conversions, Reach, Custom Audiences, and Lists

The options continue to pile up once you wrap your head around the option of building lookalike or custom audience. A great deal of it depends on the data you’ve collected through various sources such as your website, fan page, or through third party data providers.

With this data you can base lookalike and custom audiences around:

  • Who’s liking your page
  • Who has converted on an offer
  • Who else you may reach within the network
  • Custom audiences and custom lookalikes of new ones you’ve created

A Little Confusing?

It really isn’t once you understand the basics of lookalike and custom audiences. All the other options are subsets of what you can do once you’re adjusted. It will take some time so at least start with the fundamentals and learn your way around those two major ones. From there it’s always worthwhile to play with the various entry channels and methods for remarketing.

Still confused?

Don’t be. Get in touch with us at adQuadrant and we will be able to explain this wonderful opportunity to you in full detail. We have worked the Facebook platform for many years and strive to always be on the cutting edge. Will you come with us into the future of Facebook advertising? Get in touch.

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