With multiple channels available to communicate your brand’s message, how do you find your most valuable audiences and convert them into customers?

Paid media advertising is complex and it’s not getting any easier. With multiple channels, new and old, shifting audiences and the continued evolution of digital privacy, it can be difficult to identify the platforms most valuable to your e-Commerce brand - let alone generate the creative necessary to invoke the desired user actions on those platforms.
The numbers are impressive - 82% of North Americans log into a social platform once per day, Google owns 92% of the Global Search Market and YouTube is quickly approaching 200 million daily active users in the US alone - but you already know that. Who is your audience and where are they spending their time, what types of content are they consuming, how can you convert a user into your customer and how can you prove the effectiveness of your efforts? These are the questions that keep brands up at night.

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Digital Strategy

  • Planning + Consulting
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customer Persona Builds
  • Attribution + Analytics
  • Omnichannel Strategy
  • Data Science + Insights

Paid Media

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Native Advertising
  • Google Shopping
  • Display & Video Ads
  • Programmatic

Earned & Owned

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS & Messenger Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • SEO
  • Creative Development
  • Content Marketing

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There's a chance that none of this is news to you and that your brand had dabbled in various channels throughout the paid media landscape. But, maybe you’re having a hard time truly honing in on your audience, achieving conversions at scale or even correctly attributing your ad spend to those conversions. That’s where we come in.

Earned & Owned

The digital channels you curate—SEO, content, email, creative, and earned social—are the foundation of your brand. Put your best digital foot forward.

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adQuadrant is a value-driven partner focused on helping e-Commerce brands achieve their dreams.

We turn e-commerce brands into today’s fastest-growing companies.
“adQuadrant has been an amazing addition to our marketing team! They hit the ground running from day one and helped us achieve 200% growth in Paid Search & 150% growth in Paid Social.”
-Adele Nasr, CMO, Aventon Bikes
“Before adQuadrant, our Google Ads ROAS was all over the place. They helped us scale efficiently while maintaining 600% ROAS, and our revenue has almost doubled. They’re the best agency we’ve ever worked with.”
Chris Yap, Founder & CMO
“After iOS 14, we were excited to see the numbers come back up so quickly. In less than two weeks, adQuadrant brought our Facebook ROAS back up over 1,000% and our YTD is sitting a 1,061%.”
Cassidy Macleod, Field & Brand Marketing Manager, Stella & Dot

Paid Media Marketing That Makes Sense

Value-driven growth strategies that unlock maximum profit.

With almost a decade of experience in strategizing and executing paid media campaigns for some of the largest e-Commerce brands, our experts have gained the insights and knowledge most valuable to your brand. Whether it’s audience identification, persona, platform and placement specific bespoke creative or attribution, we get it and we can help you get it too. We also have an inside line to each platform’s best representatives, which keeps us updated on everything happening (like iOS tracking updates and average competitor benchmarks, for example) inside the platforms.

Here's how our approach is different.

1. Converting with Bespoke Creative
We use our proprietary Value Proposition Canvas to gather the psychographic insights required to speak to your customers in a manner that invokes full-funnel actions. We’re not talking about one-size-fits-all Facebook creative used on TikTok and YouTube. Native, bespoke creative designed specifically for each platform and placement within is how we set you up for success from day one.

Perhaps you’ve tried running YouTube Ads, Facebook Instant Experiences & Snapchat Stories or maybe you’ve entertained a TikTok ad here and there. Maybe you’re unclear on the difference between any of them. We’ve tried it all and this is how we build you a strong account base - one that’s prepared to scale quickly.

2. Audience Identification and Platform Selection
Our Value Proposition Canvas helps us to identify the most valuable users to your e-Commerce brand and where they spend their time online. We combine our canvas with 1st party and heavily vetted 3rd-party data to target specific platforms and the users most likely to become your customers. Now you’re set up for success and you have a strong base of customers to build and scale from, moving forward.

Reaching the right people at the right time and place is more difficult than ever. And, we haven’t even touched on ever-evolving digital privacy updates. Our approach addresses the problems you face today and the Privacy issues you’ll need to solve tomorrow.

3. Omni-Channel Campaign Optimization & Attribution
Is YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat or Google Ads right for your business? Maybe. As paid media experts, we follow your audience to the platforms consuming most of their valuable time. It’s unquestionably important to understand where your paid media marketing budgets are best spent, and our experience and platform partnerships allows us to amplify your brand messaging to the appropriate channels with platform-specific creative that converts.

Each paid media channel is different - from their audiences to the way users consume content and even in how they each attribute success to your brand’s spend. It’s all incredibly important to your brand’s success on each platform and simply put, you need a strategy for each channel.

Let’s get started with a comprehensive paid media audit of your active accounts to find out if we’re the right agency for you.

Our checklist allows us to diagnose the most common issues holding you back and to identify your biggest and best opportunities.

Account Basics: Pixel functionality, Catalogs, Campaigns, SKAN/SKAd and ad placements optimized to achieve your goals
Campaign Structure & Spend: Full-funnel spend allocation, Campaign Objectives set to complete your goals
Keyword/Audience Targeting: Overlap audit, Exclusions, 1st-Party seeded LALs, GA Interests & Affinity Audiences
Optimization: Campaigns optimized to achieve your goals with a focus on CPA and ROAS
Creative: Bespoke, platform-specific assets that match the customer’s purchase journey position

Let us show you what you’re missing out on.