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↑ 137.95% Google Ads ROAS
↑ 495% Increase in Google CVR in 5 months
↑ 45% Increase in avg Meta clicks per month


Subpar agency service and rising prices

Milano Wigs set an ambitious goal to increase business significantly, which is a difficult feat for a mature company. In order to reach these goals, Dawn, the President of Milano Collection needed to work with a digital marketing agency that delivered on its promises to help her grow her existing audience and reach new customers.

Unfortunately, Dawn has dealt with more than her fair share of digital marketing agencies over the last few years, with lackluster results.

“I feel like I’ve gone through every mishap imaginable with
agencies.” – Dawn, the President of Milano Collection

One agency guaranteed that they could deliver creative assets— though it later turned out they didn’t provide that service.

Others were uncommunicative, raised their prices unexpectedly, or were simply not very competent. Dawn was getting discouraged.

After multiple disappointments, Dawn wanted to find an agency with good communication that delivered what it promised. She wanted to work with a partner, not a provider.


An agency partner that delivers on its promises

The first thing that set adQuadrant apart was how trustworthy and honest they were. They set up regular weekly check-ins to compare performance.

“Everything they’ve committed to, they’ve delivered. They present numbers to me each week, and we go through them together and look at how they compare to the last 7 days, the last 30 days, and year-to-date.” – Dawn, the President of Milano Collection



They started by evaluating Milano’s PMAX campaign to determine areas of opportunity for significant improvement.

  • Adding additional creative assets to customize the buyer experience: Buyers interested in specific wigs would now see that wig in the ad creative
  • Reallocating the advertising budget to prioritize the top 150 highest-performing products
  • Pausing advertising on accessory products, which had much lower ROAS than Milano’s wigs


They increased the budget to maximize BFCM (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) sales.

  • Created specific campaigns targeting maximum remarketing windows and increasing the percentage of spend on remarketing
  • Increased spend on evergreen campaigns and tested the limits of budget before it would affect performance
  • Tested new types of ad delivery, like catalog campaigns with a BFCM title card
  • Checked in on sales 3x a day to make sure all spend was properly allocated and everything was happening as expected


Significant increase in average monthly revenue in just 5 months

Throughout her time working with adQuadrant, Dawn has seen them repeatedly go above and beyond.

For example, when Milano Collection invited a woman to receive a donated wig at their headquarters, adQuadrant sent two team members to help film the story.

With adQuadrant’s help, they were able to significantly increase monthly average revenue in just five months, putting them on track to meet their ambitious growth goals. In the same timeframe, Google conversion rate increased 495%, average Meta clicks per month
increased 45%, and ROAS on Google Ads increased 137.95%.

They also saw a 75.5% YoY increase in ROAS on Meta—which they accomplished by adjusting Meta’s strategy to complement Google’s for an omnichannel approach.

Google clicks increased by 48%, and average order value (AOV) increased by 37% on Google and 11% on Meta. The careful calibrations adQuadrant performs has also given Dawn the confidence to increase ad spend—unlike previous agencies. After so many bad experiences, Dawn has finally found the agency partner that her company can grow with.

“I’ve tried out quite a few agencies, and adQuadrant has been the strongest by leaps and bounds. They don’t sell you a bill of goods. They deliver on what they promise.” – Dawn, the President of Milano Collection

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