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In just four months, eliving saw a 95% increase in monthly revenue

↑ 600% Google Ads ROAS
↑ 95% Increase in Monthly Revenue
↑ 59% Bigger & Better Campaigns

When E-Living Furniture’s Facebook Ads were impacted by iOS 14, they switched focus to their Google accounts. But without expertise in the complex platform, they couldn’t advertise efficiently. The experts at adQuadrant helped them achieve and maintain 600% ROAS, an exciting win in the fierce furniture industry.


Scaling Google Ads Profitably

eliving Furniture needed to scale their advertising. Their award-winning mattresses, popular bed frames and tv stands, and incredible 2-day metro shipping times were attracting rave reviews and swelling sales.

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Yap tried to grow his Facebook campaigns, but the iOS 14 updates had hampered his results. Next, he increased his Google Ads spending, but the campaigns were too complex and couldn’t maintain ROAS.

After a long search, Chris finally found an agency partner who could lead his Google accounts to profitability. He hired adQuadrant.

“Other agencies made big promises but couldn’t deliver. adQuadrant had the skill we needed to optimize and scale our Google Ads with amazing efficiency.” – Chris Yap, Co-Founder & CMO


Google Channel Specialists with Elite Expertise
Investing in Paid Search

adQuadrant set up paid search campaigns to help the algorithm gather data that would improve the delivery of eliving Furniture’s smart shopping ads.

The relatively inexpensive search campaigns helped to balance the overall Google Ads budget and keep ROAS in check.

Optimizing Smart Shopping

adQuadrant’s team paused the smart shopping setting that was prioritizing new customers, which allowed their ads to be shown to both new and existing customers. This let the dashboard draw a truer picture of the profit being driven through the campaigns.

They also filled out the product type fields in order to group products of similar styles, which improved the relevance of ad delivery.

Finally, by updating customer data on a monthly basis from eliving Furniture’s CRM, they continuously created timely, powerful audiences for high conversions.

Successful Account Scaling

They set up eliving Furniture to be industry trailblazers, utilizing their experience with campaign types that had proven to be extremely successful in North America.

With all of these strategies in play, eliving Furniture achieved revenue and return rates that blew them away. Chris was so impressed, he pulled money from his Facebook budget and reallocated it to his adQuadrant-managed Google channels.

“adQuadrant impressed me with their excellent communication and detailed strategy. I trusted them to take over my Google channels and now I can focus on building the business.” – Chris Yap, Co-Founder & CMO


95% Increase in Monthly Revenue After Four Months

With adQuadrant’s expertise, eliving Furniture was able to scale their Google Ads quickly for an impressive 95% gain in monthly revenue after just four months.

Chris was blown away by the talent and drive of his adQuadrant team. They scaled his spending by 59% while maintaining a thrilling 600% ROAS.

The campaigns have driven 136% more monthly purchases, and the returns keep growing month- over-month. Chris loves working with adQuadrant and looks forward to more growth.

“With adQuadrant, the results prove everything. Our monthly revenue increased by 95% in just four months without losing efficiency. I would recommend them to anyone in e-commerce.” – Chris Yap, Co-Founder & CMO

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