Aventon 2021

Paid Media | Bing, Criteo, Google and Facebook Ads Strategy

↑ 200% Revenue Growth Monthly Above Goal
74% Conversion Rate Increase
↑ 70% MoM Revenue Growth

Aventon’s mission is to empower people to ride bikes regardless of their age or ability. Aventon’s monthly advertising goals were created and a stretch goal was set.

Through highly targeted omni-channel strategies and efficient optimizations, Aventon achieved recording-breaking growth doubling their ambitious stretch goal.


Aventon was facing a challenge identifying the proper media mix to bring customers through the buying journey. With ambitious revenue goals, they needed a way to capture new audiences and scale effectively across multiple channels.


adQuadrant reverse engineered the customer journey, deploying strategies to effectively reach new audiences on Facebook and Google and convert buyer intent across Facebook, Google, Criteo and Bing. This strategy drove cost per acquisition down and increased overall conversion volume exceeding revenue targets.


This omni-channel strategy yielded incremental scale that successfully introduced net new customers and converted bottom-of-funnel buyers. As a result, Aventon increased conversions by 74% and overall revenue grew by 70%. Aventon’s monthly revenue goals surpassed 200% in growth.

“adQuadrant has been an amazing addition to our marketing team! They hit the ground running from day one and helped us achieve 200% growth in paid search & 150% growth in paid social ” – Adele Nasr, CMO

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