eBook: Addressing Challenges for E-comm Brands in 2023

April 25, 2023

There are always new challenges awaiting e-comm brands. The latest technology, new consumer trends, and a competitive marketplace just to name a few. However, to remain successful in the growing industry, e-commerce brands must stay up-to-date and prepare for what 2023 holds.

So we’ve made it simple and sweet for you.

In this eBook, we highlight challenges for e-comm brands such as consumer pain points, AI advances, customer retention, influencer marketing updates and more.

Plus we provide unique solutions (solutions that not all brands are thinking of) that will empower brands to remain at the top of their market.

Inside this eBook:

  • You’ll discover how apparel brands can transform sizing from a hindrance to their most-powerful asset – with WAIR
  • You’ll learn about overcoming the challenges of influencer marketing with help from AI – with affable.ai
  • You’ll find out how to harness AI and data for powerful scaling in 2023 – with Triple Whale
  • You’ll understand how to treat your customers as a channel to accelerate acquisition – with Friendbuy
  • You’ll discover how actually do more with less- with Jebbit

This e-commerce partner playbook showcases technologies that winning e-commerce brands should be aware of and how each of their platforms can help your brand scale quickly.